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Poscart Website

The Poscart website is your online portal to purchase Uni Posca Pens online. we cover the full range of pen/nib sizes. we also have all colours available. If you just need to top up, you can buy individual paint pens and individual colours. Otherwise it is great value to purchase our bundle deals. There are bundle deals of all colours in the different nib sizes or for great value, try our "Kitchen Sink" this has one of every coloured paint marker in every size.

When visiting the Poscart website it makes it easier if you know how to navigate and use our website. Our website has been designed very simply so as you can browse and select the paint pens that you need, and then go through and select the colours that you need. The paint markers have been separated into different type of posca pens which has been segregated either different nib size or nib format. As you go through you will notice that there is five different nib styles are available. These vary in thickness is and style in either bullet point or chisel point designs. The five sizes are the 15 mm, the 8mm, the 2.5 mm, the 1.3 mm and the 0.7 mm need there are 18 colours available for each of these needs sizes. For any artist the range of colours here give you a good array to be able blend colours and line thickness and present your design as you wish.

If you haven't bought off Poscart previously we highly recommend trying one of our bundled deals. These have been selected to cover a range of colours in all of the different nib sizes to give you good value for money when purchasing altogether. We send these all around Australia and even into other countries as postage is not an issue with our effective postage system used. Our bulk bundle deal is called the kitchen sink, this has one of every type of pen in every colour available, it is great value to anyone who takes their artwork seriously and wants to have access to all of the uni POSCA range.